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The main goal of L'amor is to encourage every woman to love herself as she is. Every woman is worthy, full of power, strength, and beauty - she simply needs to look within herself and let it radiate to the outside world. This page spotlights women whose life story serves as an inspiration to others.
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Liat Zur

I remember that moment when I stood in front of the mirror and looked into my own eyes and asked myself, "Tell me who is looking at me now, who are you?!" My journey started 10 years ago. From the outside everything looked shiny, I have a ring on my hand, I'm going to marry one of the most amazing guys there is. My dream of a family and children is coming true in just a moment. I am studying psychology and building my life to be on the clear path of the "happy woman". Everything was in the right place, except my heart. Those days I only knew how to want what society defined as "right", I didn't know how to understand at all what was really right for me, what I really wanted and how to communicate my needs, share my fears, and create a genuine and compassionate relationship between me and myself.

It took 5 years of internal struggle that I tried to make things happen the way they were "supposed" to happen until finally I was able to stand in front of the mirror and ask "who are you fighting? Yourself? What is going on in your head that allows such a struggle to continue?” From that moment on I agreed to stop the race. Looking into my own eyes, I realized that I was going to follow an uncompromising path during which I swore to myself, never to give up the option to recognize within me every fear, every desire to turn over every stone, to sit with this frightened and confused girl who has always been and will be there within me - smile at her, and remind her that no matter what she brings with her, I'm here to love her. And to remind her that even when everything seems lost, and there is no way out, I am always here for her. From that moment until today we are learning to deepen this connection more and more and as we deepen we grow inside and outside in harmony.

Today I accompany other women to love and self-realization. I help them recognize the parts they are most afraid to see and tell those parts "I see you", "I respect you", “I'm not afraid of you and I'm not hiding you”. Every time we do this within ourselves, we get to see not only a small, frightened girl, but we get to discover within us a strong, independent woman who knows how to face her fears, take responsibility for them and tell them that mom is here - and in my eyes, this is not only self-love, it is a love that does not depend on anything.

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