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The main goal of L'amor is to encourage every woman to love herself as she is. Every woman is worthy, full of power, strength, and beauty - she simply needs to look within herself and let it radiate to the outside world. This page spotlights women whose life story serves as an inspiration to others.
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Liat Moradi

For years, I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. I was an insecure girl, and also very sensitive, who took to heart harsh statements from others. Fashion has been my refuge ever since I was a little girl. There, I could express all that I am without having to articulate it in words. My unique style made me more present, radiated confidence, and brought out who I really am to the outside world. Slowly, people’s perception of me has changed. While I matured and changed physically, the belief that I was not enough stayed with me for years. This belief led me to have difficult experiences, connect with the wrong people, and appease those around me instead of listening to my inner voice. All of these experiences strengthened me; each time I fell, I got up again, stronger. I realized that to make a profound change, I needed to first love and appreciate myself and then radiate it to the outside world. The road was not easy, and the truth is that every day I learn to love this girl, hug her, and accept her a little more. All these hardships have turned me into who I am today. A strong woman—not perfect, but complete. A woman who knows who she is and what makes her unique. Today, I am a woman who follows her heart, listens only to her own voice, and makes dreams come true. The passion for fashion has taken on a different and deeper meaning. Today, I am a fashion designer, but beyond dressing women, I help them love themselves as they are and project it outwards. Because every woman is beautiful and special. And always remember, love yourself because true beauty is a reflection of your soul.

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