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Leeann Poulin

Leeann Poulin I am a recovering people-pleaser who used to live my life for everyone else but myself. When it came to family and friends I never knew how to speak up for myself- to say what I needed, when I felt taken advantage of, or when I was hurt. I thought of others first, which is what I thought I was supposed to do. I would give, and make sure everyone else was happy, but I didn’t take good care of myself. I found out pretty quickly that this leads to feeling burned out, stressed, resentful, and angry. This is not who I wanted to be so I started to take some steps to becoming stronger and less worried...

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Danielle Gieben

Danielle Gieben For the longest time I really struggled to see the value in myself. I had no boundaries, relied heavily on others to validate me, hated the way I looked (always thinking I needed to change something about myself), and often found myself in very unhealthy relationships. It seemed like no matter what I did or how much I gave of myself, I’d always end up feeling the same way: unworthy, unhappy and unloveable. My mental health suffered immensely and it wasn’t until my fourth or fifth super toxic relationship that everything seemed to click for me. I had an “AHA” moment where I realized my partner had a lot of the same characteristics as my father (who wasn’t...

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Antoinette Mary McDonnell

Antoinette Mary McDonnell The sudden loss of my mother in a tragic car accident when I was just four years old deeply disrupted my foundational sense of security and belonging, thrusting me into a lifelong battle with loneliness and abandonment. This profound loss manifested in an eating disorder as I sought comfort and control through food, attempting to fill the emotional void left by her absence. As I navigated my way through these turbulent waters in Waterford, Ireland, yoga and breathwork became my lifelines, sparking a profound transformation. These practices helped me begin to untangle the deep-seated patterns of self-neglect and taught me the importance of self-love. They marked the start of my journey as a healer and led me...

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Maya Emerson

Maya Emerson Growing up in a small town, my journey was a blend of self-discovery and self-acceptance, hidden beneath what seemed like an idyllic facade. From a young age, I was bombarded with images enforcing a narrow view of beauty, leaving me feeling inadequate and insecure. Despite my efforts to conform, I always fell short, battling constant self-doubt. As I entered adolescence, these struggles intensified amid the upheavals of teenage life. My changing body became a source of dissatisfaction, leading me to desperate attempts to fit an idealized mold. In high school, I decided to audition for the school play, despite my insecurities about my physical appearance. Landing a small supporting role, I faced daunting challenges during rehearsals, constantly worrying...

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Lisa MacLean

Lisa MacLean Something so imperative to remember is, we ALL have our own individual struggles. There is an element of comfort in knowing that we are so far from alone and sharing our own struggles will always help someone. Something that I have struggled with over the years (along with many other women) is my body. My body has been a topic of conversation in other people's mouths since I can remember and throughout the years I’ve had to unlearn a lot of beliefs and perceptions planted in my mind. The way others would talk about my body was never in a positive light. I’ve been told my worth was less because of it, I couldn’t find love because of...

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