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World of L'amor


Glamour - Elegance - Royalness
L'amor is an Israeli eveningwear brand founded in 2021. L'amor's mission is to help every woman express her femininity and power, and love herself exactly as she is.
Our Design

L'amor strives to enhance your style using high-quality raw materials fused together by an elegant design that makes you look and feel effortlessly glamorous.
No Compromise
Perfect Patterns

The craft work is completed with scrupulous attention to every detail from the sketch drawing to the final product. Every dress is made of fine fabric and is sewn with particular attention to the quality of the seam and finishes, often using complex manual techniques.
Our Luxury Packaging

For us, every customer is special, therefore every order is fulfilled to the highest standards. Our pearl white packaging is embroidered with our signature gold logo and the garment is delicately wrapped with a black satin ribbon, giving you a luxurious feel from the very first touch.
Behind every dream is a dreamer

The brand's founder and designer, Liat Moradi, creates fashion that is rich in style and uncompromising quality. She takes care to ensure that every detail, small and large, from the design process to the quality of the sewing finish is deliberate and reflective of L’amor’s values. Liat strives to create a world-class, unique and captivating customer experience.

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