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Pop Up


SoHo, New York
"As a designer, my main satisfaction comes from being with you, my clients - the pleasure of providing each one of you with a personal shopping experience, matching you with the perfect pattern, and sharing with you my creativity, passion and love for fashion."

Liat Moradi
Colors and Interior Design

Intense and powerful shades of red, black and gold create an infinite atmosphere of passion and power both in the window display and the interior space. A decadent gilt display alcove in the expansive lounge is fitted with a gold hanging rod to showcase key pieces from the collection.
Window Display

The window display tells the story of L'amor and reflects the values ​​of the brand as a creator of high-end, luxurious fashion in the bold colors of red, black and gold. The design elements demonstrate power and passion. A fine velvet red carpet, a golden mirror tray and in it a luxurious golden frame with the brand’s symbolic statement - "Love yourself. True beauty is a reflection of your soul." Champagne with a golden diamond jewel that falls on the carpet and giving it a glowing and bright look. Mannequins with key items of the collection. All of these details emphasize the main mission of L’amor by creating an atmosphere of strength and power in the spirit of self-love.
Location - SoHo, NY

The pop-up is located in the heart of Soho, which is considered one of the most beautiful and fashionable areas in Manhattan. Designer boutiques, luxurious chain stores and prestigious art galleries are seen in each corner. The area is known for elegant facades of houses decorated with iron castings and stone-paved streets and serves as an atmospheric background for the fashionable crowd that flocks to the high-end shopping this area has to offer. All of these create a luxurious atmosphere, full of style that fits perfectly with L'amor's mission.
Always Connecting With You

L’amor strives to maximize the customer experience, especially in the current digital world, where interpersonal relationships are disappearing. L'amor aims for direct and real connections to build harmonious relationships.

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