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My Story

My Story

Love yourself.
True beauty is a reflection of your soul
Liat Moradi

My story begins somewhere as a little girl, who dreamed and breathed fashion. A girl who wanted to be herself in her own way, defying the conventions and to prove that she could despite the "voice" from the outside saying she could not.

This voice has turned me into who I am today - a woman who follows her heart, fulfills her dreams and does only what she loves.

That’s how I followed my heart after my greatest passion and completed fashion design studies at the Concept Academy in Israel.

After a long journey filled with inspiration and creativity, with every small detail in mind, I founded the L’amor brand.

Through this brand you will find a luxurious evening collection that combines classic, on-trend, and unique pieces that are rich in style. All the while emphasizing the woman's body, shape, fabric and quality.

I believe that true beauty begins within us. When a woman loves herself she radiates it to the outside world. But at the same time the garment she wears helps her express herself, and highlight her femininity and power.

L’amor emphasizes this belief in every collection. Each piece creates its own unique statement, with the aim that each customer will make her voice heard and express herself in the way that characterizes her essence.

The fabrics are carefully selected and imported from Europe.

I truly hope that you will fall in love with every collection like I do.

And most importantly -
fall in love with yourself.

With Love,

Liat Moradi.

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