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Love Yourself

We all have good experiences and less than we experienced in childhood, sometimes we carry it with us to this day. These moments made most of us stronger, believe in ourselves and made us who we are today. Mine was the insecurity that accompanied me for years as a child and teenager. The truth is - I'm still learning to love, hug and accept this girl a little more. Over time I realized that true beauty is within us, when a woman loves herself she radiates it to the outside world. But at the same time, the garment she wears helps her express herself in a way that captures her essence.

This strong belief led Liat to create her brandโ€™s symbolic statement -
โ€œLove yourself. True beauty is a reflection of your soul.โ€
Golden Frame

luxurious golden frame with the brandโ€™s symbolic statement - "Love yourself. True beauty is a reflection of your soul."
From the inspiration and vision of Liat (the designer of the Lamor brand) to help every woman express her femininity and strength and to love herself as she is. These accessories and decor are presented for sale only at special events and trunk shows.

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