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The main goal of Lamor is to make every woman love herself as she is, Every woman is worthy, full of power, strength and beauty. She just needs to look in and help it happen. That's why every month a woman with an inspiring life story will join the page. Do you also have an empowering story that you would like to share with us?

Sahar Cesleris

For many years, I lived with a family that idolized thinness. I was never particularly thin, but rather curvy, and food served as one of my comforts and sources of enjoyment. As a child, I always compared myself to others and was jealous of anyone who was thinner. No matter how many times a day I was told that I was beautiful and stunning, I didn't believe it. After a few years, I began a journey of self-growth, a journey that I continue to pursue that remains ongoing. Slowly, I came to accept my curves, eventually feeling proud of my body just the way it is. Though the process of self-acceptance remains a daily struggle, I remind myself each day that I would never want to be anyone else. A significant turning point occurred when I reconnected with a former classmate who confessed to being jealous of my curves. Reflecting on my own past envy of my classmate's skinniness, I realized the pointlessness of comparisons. This experience inspired me to start changing by accepting my unique qualities. I started out on a journey to uncover the exceptional parts of my body and give up on the desire to look like others. I nurtured self-compassion, learning to love myself rather than criticize myself. Being a woman, I'm aware of the societal pressures and unrealistic expectations placed on me, from being a good mother and wife to keeping up a flawless appearance and tidy home. Despite these demands, I always remind myself of self-compassion and my self-worth. Because if I won’t remind myself, then who will?

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